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When setting up a home theatre only the best will do, otherwise your viewing and listening pleasure will be spoiled. But even the best electronics cannot offer a perfect result unless they are set up properly. Jims Antennas have a great deal of experience in setting up this home entertainment.

Jims Antennas are experts in setting up home entertainment systems. If you want to have a home theatre installed, we are the people to contact. We can even supply you with everything you need and set it up for the best result. We can ensure that your surround sound is perfect so that you will feel as if you are right in the middle of the action. The squeaking door that opens in the middle of a scary movie will sound as if it is right behind you by the time our technicians have finished.

Services include

      • Supply and Install Home Theatre Systems
      • Surround Sound
      • Projector Installation
      • Installation of Projector Screens
      • Hidden Cabling
      • Set Top Boxes
      • Custom Installations
      • Installation and Wall Mounting of Plasma, LCD and LED TVs
      • Boardroom & Conference Room Set Ups
      • Speaker Mounting and Custom Wall Plates
      • Set Top Boxes
      • Home Theatre Remote Controls
Home Theatre

We know how and where to install your projector screen for the best viewing pleasure so that you can get the most out of your home entertainment system. We make sure that the installation is done professionally and without damaging any parts of your home. The cables will be hidden to keep them safe and so that they do not look messy. Pets and toddlers tend to chew things like cables and so they really do need to be put where they cannot be reached.

Custom installations are our speciality; we can work with all different kinds of installations in homes, multi storey apartments or single storey unit complexes. Wherever a home theatre needs to go, we are the people to contact. We can also put your new flat screen television up on the wall to keep it safe from little fingers and enhance your viewing pleasure, whether it is LCD, plasma or LED. There are many different angles that your television can be adjusted to so that everyone in the room can see it well.

Our technicians know all about how and where to mount speakers for the home theatre and can offer custom wall plates so that the speakers are angled in the best direction. We are also expert in setting up your boardroom or conference room to give the people attending the best experience. Don’t let your presentations go to waste with a poor sound system or a fuzzy picture. We can ensure that everything at home or at work is set up for the best result.