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Even though the digital signal can come through set top box to an analogue television, many people upgrade to a flat screen television because it takes up less room – and you can get a really big one to enjoy a larger picture. Jims Antennas specialise in flat screen TV installations.

If you are changing from your old analogue television to a flat screen digital one you will soon realise that the actual screen can be so much larger and clearer than the old one you will wonder how you put up with it. However, the biggest advantage lies in the fact that there is such little depth to it. This makes flat screen TV installations on the wall increasingly popular. In fact, it not only looks good on the wall because of the slender depth, it actually increases viewing pleasure to have that big screen up where it is so highly visible. Everyone in the room can see it easily, so there are no arguments over the seating arrangements.

Services include

      • Wall Mounting of Plasma, LCD and LED TV’s
      • Concealed Cabling
      • Variety of Mounts & Brackets Available
Wall mount

Technicians from Jims Antenna can install your new flat screen television up on the wall so that it looks professional and is strong and safe. The brackets used to keep it up are almost invisible so that there is nothing to look ugly or detract from your viewing pleasure. You can also have it angled slightly if that suits you better; sometimes that makes it easier to see from the dining area. We won’t leave that cabling stuck out in the way either, but ensure that it is hidden behind the wall where it is both safe and invisible.

Of course, we can mount any kind of television on the wall whether it is plasma, LCD or LED. The advantages of having the television on the wall are many. It frees up room on the entertainment unit for other devices or allows you to have the television with no shelving unit at all to maximise your floor space. This can be ideal in many situations. Having the TV on the wall will also prevent it suffering damage from toddlers that like to run their cars over the surface.

So don’t risk damage to your new television, but call us at Jims Antennas to put it up on the wall for you where it will be safe. You cannot keep an eye on little ones all the time; having the TV up high will give you peace of mind.