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Commercial installations for television require multiple sets but only one antenna; otherwise all the signals would interfere with each other. Jims Antennas have professionals that are experienced in setting up Foxtel and other television reception for all kinds of commercial premises from pubs and clubs to nursing homes, hospitals and apartment complexes.

Television has become an important part of society today, not just in private homes, but in many commercial places as well. Commercial installations are different from just setting up a home with one or two outlets; often there are over a hundred sets that all have to receive a signal from the one antenna. Jims Antennas can handle any kind of installation and ensure that the signal is strong enough to give a great picture and sound on each and every television set in your commercial premises.

Services include

      • MATV
      • SMATV
      • Multi- Switch
      • Head End Systems
      • Foxtel Installations
      • Commercial & Residential multi dwellings
      • Pubs and Clubs Set Ups
      • Nursing Homes and Hospitals
Home Automation
We can set up your pub or club with Foxtel television so that you can offer your customers the best viewing experience. They will be able to watch the latest sporting event at your premises. If you have multiple sets you will need Master Antenna Television or MATV as it is known. We can supply the right kind of antenna and all the necessary fittings to make your reception as clear and free of ghosting as possible. In fact, with just one antenna, ghosting should not be a problem.

For those commercial premises that cannot get television reception without a dish, Satellite Master Antenna Television (SMATV) can solve the problem. This is simply using a special satellite dish and fittings to pick up the signal and enhance it so that it gives a clear sound and picture on each and every television that is being used. We know exactly what to use during the installation to ensure the reception is strong enough for multiple television sets.

Our technicians are especially trained to deal with commercial installations of all kinds. If you have commercial premises that require multiple television sets just contact Jims Antennas and we will get onto it right away. We will find out what is needed, supply it, install it and check to ensure each television is receiving the signal properly. We can also retro-fit MATV and SMATV in places where the reception is old or not coming in properly. This is likely to be the case in older commercial properties that were built some years ago or were renovated without consideration being given to TV reception.