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An antenna installation is one of the most important parts of setting up your television; you just cannot get a good picture and sound without having the right antenna in the right place. That is why getting Jims Antennas to come and install your antenna is such a good idea.

Now that the analogue signal has been switched off in Australia, many people find that even with a set top box or a new digital television their digital reception is not that good. That is because they really need to have a different kind of antenna. We at Jims Antennas are experts in antenna installation for digital televisions or for your analogue television with the set top box. We can climb up on your roof and find the best place for that antenna to go. And we also make sure that it is securely attached so that it will not come down in a storm.

Services include

      • Digital TV
      • New TV Antennas
      • Repairs and Servicing
      • Diagnose Reception Issues
      • Pre Wiring of New Homes
      • Set Top Boxes
      • High Definition Set Top Boxes
Digital Antenna

If your antenna has been up for a while, you may also need new wiring as nothing lasts forever and wires can become loose or worn. Some of the fittings can also become worn or damaged due to spikes in the electricity. With all the lightning that flashes about in storms it is a wonder that more damage is not done. We can check all your joiners and fittings to ensure that everything is secure and in good order while we are installing your new antenna.

We can diagnose those reception issues because we have had lots of experience in what problems are likely with the switch over to the digital signal. For instance, if your TV shows ghosting, our technicians will look around for nearby reflective structures that could be causing the problem and adjust the antenna installation so that it gets a clearer signal. They also know that it is sometimes possible to get some digital channels with an older antenna, so it doesn’t hurt to have both kinds.

In addition, we can set up that set top box so that you get the best reception possible on your television. We are also experts in wiring new homes so that you will be easily able to place a television in any room. Don’t limit yourself with just one outlet in the living room; you never know just where you might want a television in the future so get your home wired by Jims Antennas expert technicians for the best result.