Digital TV Antenna Installation & Aerial specialists in Adelaide

Jim’s Antennas prides itself on excellence in customer service in all areas of operation from TV Antenna and Home Theatre Installation to extra TV Points as well as Data and Phone Points. All our installer franchisees are well trained with the latest in industry knowledge. Since its inception in 1999, Jim's Antennas installation technicians have been providing services in antenna installation and fixing digital TV reception problems to ensure quality television viewing across Australia.


TV Antenna Installation Adelaide

It is one of the most important parts of setting up your television; you just cannot get a good picture and sound without having the right antenna in the right place. That is why getting Jims Antennas to come and install your antenna is such a good idea.Read More...

Home Theatre

When setting up a home theatre only the best will do, otherwise your viewing and listening pleasure will be spoiled. But even the best electronics cannot offer a perfect result unless they are set up properly. Jims Antennas have a great deal of experience in setting up this home entertainment. Read More...

Flat Screen TV Installation

Even though the digital signal can come through a set top box to an analogue television, many people upgrade to a flat screen television because it takes up less room – and you can get a really big one to enjoy a larger picture. Jims Antennas specialise in flat screen TV installations. Read More

Phone And Data Points

One thing that all homes need these days is phone and data points in more than just one place. Make sure your home offers convenient access to the computer, the phone and your television so that all your needs can be met both now and into the future.

Satellite Dishes

Satellite dishes are not necessarily only for people that live in remote areas. There are many areas where the television reception is not good due to the terrain or just because the towers simply do not reach it properly. Jims Antennas can ascertain whether you need a dish for your reception.Read More...

Commercial Installations

Commercial installations for television require multiple sets but only one antenna; otherwise all the signals would interfere with each other. Jims Antennas have professionals that are experienced in setting up Foxtel and other television reception for all kinds of commercial premises from pubs and clubs to nursing homes, hospitals and apartment complexes. Read More...
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